Keep In The Garage

by Rawfire

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released December 14, 2011



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Rawfire São Paulo, Brazil

Hardcore music from São Paulo, Brazil.

Danilo Inada: The Guitar
Jaime Xavier: The Drums
Pedro Melara: The Guitar
Plinio Fernandez: The Vocals and The Bass

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Track Name: Friendship
In between the lines your name was lost

Saving arguments for tomorrow
When tomorrow comes becomes our new today
Who knows what's best but we'll keep trying
Away from what keep bringing us down

We'll keep the story alive
'Till we reach our limits
That's called friendship
Track Name: Wishing Unhappy New Life
Making a scene and all situations
Only your friends will know
Believing in a God or not
But you always have to show no explanation
Just hesitation
Now I see why you blame us

You now leave behing your side of life
We've made part of many times
You expect old friends falling from the sky
Wishing an unhappy new life

Faking profiles
Blocking the trust words
Mocking the ones we love the most
Changing your number
Fearing the thunder from your own storm

You feel free to show your face
I give my word, I will forget
The lies, stories and disrespect
Plus our youth... the whole fucking lot
Track Name: Keep In The Garage
Back from where we started
ZN we'll always be
Back from where we belonG
It's not only me

Friendship over the years
Never crossing the line
Respect was always the key

Don't touch what's not yours
Buy and sell some demo tapes
Run back to the station to catch the last train

Oh Sorry
I forgot
I didn't mention you on
This one is for me

Just chill, you forgot
You live in there too
You're just not part of it

Later! Take care! Fuck you!
Track Name: For What I've Done (I Told You So)
So if that's your best, let me know
I can't change my own past
You told, I heard
I fold on my turn
Forgeting what's best to forget

And if you keep your words to yourself
We can be mates as we were
I try to do the same if you do
Enough on sharing our thoughts to each other

And now you're gone away from me
I can't say a word about what you do
You gave your word and broke it
As I predicted

For your best I gave it a rest
For what you had to hear
And for her best I wiped out her tears
Cause I just seem to care
I did the best I could
And you pretended to care

Did all my best, I can't pretend I care
For what I've done [It's the pornography of pride]
I told you so...
Track Name: Sunrise
Why am I in a hurry?
There's nothing to be lost if I don't go
Ain't got no need to text me
Inviting to the parties I won't go

I can't deny my mistakes
But I'll never see them on my own
You should have learned from everything
I lived by your side I'm sure you know it

I'm ready for the sunrise when it comes
Even if comes in a rainy day

How can you blame from this far
But I think I'm getting better everyday
That's just the way I'm feeling
Or I'm just getting used to the pain

You never had a word to say
Blaming us for not understanding
I think you had enough from all these days
and all these lies, it's the end
You're calling it a new beginning
But you never knew how to start a new life
Without leading your old to a suicide

I'm ready for the sunrise when it comes
Even if comes in a rainy day...
(Do not hurry...)